Toronto Real Estate Market April Insights and Anticipations


Image by: unsplash

In April, Greater Toronto experienced a subtle shift in its real estate landscape, marked by a five percent decline in home sales compared to the previous year. Despite this dip, a notable surge in new listings emerged, providing prospective buyers with a broader array of options while maintaining price stability. The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB) reported 7,114 homes changing hands during the month, a figure slightly lower than the 7,487 transactions recorded in April of the previous year. TRREB President Jennifer Pearce highlighted the anticipation among homeowners for heightened demand in ownership housing as spring progresses, yet many potential buyers appear to be awaiting a tangible indication from the Bank of Canada regarding policy rate adjustments before committing to purchases.

As market dynamics evolve, there's a prevailing expectation among industry observers for the Bank of Canada to initiate interest rate cuts, possibly commencing in June. This projection is coupled with a downward trend in sales for the third consecutive month, showing a seasonally adjusted decline of 3.4 percent. However, the month witnessed a substantial 47.2 percent increase in new listings compared to the same period last year, with 16,941 properties hitting the market, a reflection of the traditional surge in springtime property offerings. Despite this influx, the demand is yet to catch up to supply, as noted by Jessica Hammell, a broker specializing in downtown and midtown Toronto properties. Hammell highlighted the typical emergence of buyers during favorable weather conditions but noted a tempered enthusiasm possibly influenced by the expectation of favorable interest rates in the near future.

Looking ahead, TRREB's chief market analyst, Jason Mercer, anticipates that the forthcoming reduction in borrowing costs will lead to tighter market conditions, potentially reigniting price growth as the real estate landscape transitions into 2025. In the City of Toronto, April saw 2,581 sales, a five percent decline from the previous year, while sales throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) dropped by 4.9 percent, totaling 4,533 transactions. Notably, all property types, except townhouses, experienced fewer sales compared to the previous year, with detached homes and condo apartments witnessing the most substantial declines. Amidst these fluctuations, Hammell observes a trend of cautious optimism among buyers, with many making housing decisions driven by necessity rather than speculative investment motives.

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