Canadian Housing Market Dynamics Surging Home Values vs Mortgage Payment Strain


Image by: unsplash

In Canada, the trajectory of mortgage payments has sharply risen, presenting challenges for borrowers. However, this surge is juxtaposed against a parallel trend of remarkable growth in home values. From the onset of rate cuts in March 2020 to the conclusion of 2023, the escalation in home prices consistently outpaced the increase in average mortgage payments recorded by Equifax. This phenomenon was particularly pronounced in Eastern Canada, where the average household's payment notably lagged behind the burgeoning home prices.

Across the nation, the ascent in home prices generally outstripped the growth in mortgage payments. Equifax data indicated an average monthly payment of $1,685 by Q4 2023, reflecting a staggering 27.7% increase since Q1 2020. Comparatively, the typical home's price surged by 28.5% over the same period, showcasing a trend persistently observed throughout most regions of Canada. Notably, this trend was particularly evident in major cities like Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, and Edmonton, where home price growth significantly surpassed that of mortgage payments.

Eastern Canada notably witnessed a striking disparity between the acceleration in home prices and mortgage payments. Cities like Moncton, Saint John, and Halifax saw home prices skyrocketing far ahead of mortgage payment growth. Conversely, cities like Toronto and Vancouver stood as exceptions, where mortgage payments exhibited a faster increase compared to home prices. Despite the challenges posed by climbing mortgage payments, the substantial appreciation in home values often offset the burden, offering a silver lining for existing borrowers. This dynamic underscores the complex interplay between housing affordability, mortgage dynamics, and asset appreciation in the Canadian real estate landscape.

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