Exhausted Hamilton residents dealing with 'nightmare' noise next door say pleas to city, police go unheard


Patrick Flynn, who lives on Hess Street North in downtown Hamilton, says the couple in the row house next door, pictured behind him, are unreasonably loud and keep him up at night. (Samantha Beattie/CBC)

The sounds of drilling, sawing, banging, yelling and smashing at 4 a.m. reverberate through the wall separating Samantha McArthur's bedroom from her next-door neighbours' home. 

This early May 17 morning is like many others in the past year and a half — the noise and vibrations emanating from the middle Hess Street North row house for hours makes it impossible for McArthur, and her neighbour Patrick Flynn, to sleep. 

"You can call this the nightmare on Hess Street," McArthur said. 

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